Symposium on AA Linguistics (1979): Helsingør

Following close on the heels of the Mysore SICAL meeting the SYMPOSIUM ON AUSTROASIATIC LANGUAGES was held in Denmark, October 24 – 26, 1979. Much information was kindly provided to me by Michel Ferlus, additionally I found a bunch on documentation from the conference that had been saved by Harry Shorto. If anybody has more relevant information that can be posted here it would be greatly appreciated.

A volume of papers was planned to be published in 1986 as Papers from the Helsingør symposium on Austroasiatic linguistics and literature (edited by Jan-Olof Svantesson, Copenhagen, SIAS/Curzon). In expectation of that publication there are various citations in academic papers and bibliographies as if the book actually exists (for example, multiple citations as PHSAL and TICAL in Huffman’s 1986 bibliography).

Some papers presented were published in MKS 18-19, and elsewhere. Where it is practical, paper titles are linked to published versions (or related/derived works) in the listing below, in addition to copes of original abstracts and handouts we have collected.

Participants and Titles of Papers

Note: names/titles are listed exactly as written in the original program documentation

Miss Karen L ADAMS, abstract, handout Classifiers in Mon-Khmer Languages.

Prof. Paul K BENEDICT, abstract, draft paper, published paper Austroasiatic Loans in Sino-Tibetan.

Dr. David BRADLEY, abstract, Arakanese Vowels.

Dr. James R CHAMBERLAIN, draft paper, published paper Cheuang, A Lao Epic Poem.

Prof. G CONDOMINAS, Observations on the Mnong Gar language in Central Vietnam.

Dr. O Ch DAHL, handout, Austronesian Numerals.

Prof. Gerard DIFFLOTH, handout, The pulan(g) (Samtao) Language.

Dr. P J DONEGAN & D. Stampe, Report on the Sora Dictionary.

Prof. Gordon DOWNER, abstract, handout, published version Kammu Evidence for the Historical Chronology of Thai.

Prof. Søren EGEROD

Dr. Michel FERLUS, handout, draft version, published version Sur l’origine geographique languages Viet-Muong.

Prof. W G GEDNEY, Evidence for another series of voiced initials in Proto-Tai (handout from ICSTTL12, also distributed at Helsingør.

Kenneth GREGERSON , Pharyngeal effects in Rengao phonology and semantics I-L HANSSON

Prof. Mantaro HASHIMOTO

Prof. A H HAUDRICOURT, Les difficultés de la grammaire comparé dans la famille austroasiatique.

Dr. Eugénie HENDERSON, handout, Khasi and Greenberg’s Universals.


Prof. Henry HENNE

Mrs. Sunshine HENNE

Prof. K G IZIKOWITZ, Address of welcome.

Mrs. Judith JACOB, handout, data examples, Roots or Suffixes? Some Comment on sequences of vowel and final consonant in Khmer.

Kristina LINDELL, Intensification in Northern Kammu.

Cand. jur. Poul MOHR

Dr. NGUYEN Phu Phong, abstract, Interrogation in Vietnamese.

Mrs. Kanchana PATAMADILOK, M.A.

Prof. Suriya RATANAKUL, Socio-Cultural Aspects of the Lawa Language.

Mag.scient. Lise RISHØJ-PEDERSEN

Prof. H L SHORTO SOAS, Vowel Variation in some Mon-Khmer Languages (rough draft only), The schwa vowels in Northern MK.

Prof. David STAMPE, see Dr. DONEGAN

Prof. Stanley STAROSTA, abstract, The Derivation of Combining Forms and Nominal Pseudo-Compounds in Sora.

FK Jan-Olof SVANTESSON, Personal Pronouns in Northern Kammu.


Damrong TAYANIN, Research Assistant

Mrs. Naulsaward TAYANIN

Prof. Laurence THOMPSON



Dr. Benjamin T’SOU

Prof. Norman ZIDE, Verbal Categories and Verb Morphology in Munda.

Below is the PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME that was issued to participants

Wed. 24th

08.23.Departure from Copenhagen Main Central Station (Hovedbanegården) by train for Helsingør. A group ticket will he arranged and provided by the organisors. Participants meet under the BIG CLOCK IN THE DEPARTURE HALL NO LATER THAN -08.15. Following arrival at Helsingør, transfer to the International People’s College, (Montebello Allé 1, DK 3000 Helsingør. Tel.: (03)-21.33.61), where time should be sufficient for the participants’ settling in their rooms.

10.30 Address of welcome by a representative from SIAS

10.40 Address of welcome by Kristina Lindell, Univ. of Lund

10.50 Introduction by Professor K. G. Izikowitz, Göteborg

11.15 LECTURE: Professor A. H. Haudricourt
11.45 Discussion

12.30 DINNER

13.00 Coffee/Tea

14.00 LECTURE: Ass. Professor Kristina Lindell
14.30 Discussion

14.45 LECTURE: Dr. Judith Jacob
15.15 Discussion

15.30 Coffee/Tea

16.00 LECTURE: Fil.kand. J.-0. Svantesson
16.30 Discussion

16.45 LECTURE : Dr. Nguyen Phu Phong Gregerson
17.15 Discussion

17.30 LECTURE: As. Professors P. J. Donegan & D. Stampe

18.45 “High Tea”

19.00 Coffee

20.00 Social gathering

Thur. 25th

07.30 Breakfast

09.00 LECTURE: Professor S. Starosta
09.30 Discussion

09.45 LECTURE: Professor N. Zide
10.15 Discussion

10.30 Coffee/Tea

11.00 LECTURE: Dr. O. Dahl
11.30 Discussion

11.45 LECTURE: Miss K. Adams
12.15 Discussion

12.30 Dinner

13.00 Coffee/Tea

14.00 LECTURE: Professor M. Ferlus
14.30 Discussion

14.45 LECTURE: Professor G. Downer
15.15 Discussion

15.30 Coffee/Tea

16.00 LECTURE: Professor H.L.Shorto
16.30 Discussion

16.45 LECTURE: Professor P. Benedict
17.15 Discussion

18.25 “High Tea”

19.00 Coffee/Tea

20.00 LECTURE: Dr. J. R. Chamberlain

Fri. 26th

07.30 Breakfast

09.00 LECTURE: Dr. Suriya Rattanakul
09.30 Discussion

09.45 LECTURE: Professor U. Warotamasikkhedit Bradley
10.15 Discussion

10.30 Coffee/Tea

10.50 LECTURE: Professor G. Diffloth
11.20 Discussion

11.35 LECTURE: Professor G. Condominas
11.55 Discussion

12.10 LECTURE: Professor E. Henderson

12.30 Dinner

13.00 Coffee/Tea

14.00 Presentation of movie about the MRABRI, by Dr. J. Trier.

14.30 Presentation of taped recordings on MRABRI language by Dr. J. Trier, followed by discussion on the evidence presented.

15.30 Coffee/Tea

16.00 PLENUM: Discussion of needs for future research, publication of papers presented, future exchange of information, and other topics as deemed necessary.

19.00 Social gathering

Sat. 27th

07.30 Breakfast

09.00 DEPARTURE. For participants leaving through Copenhagen a group tour will be arranged. Those participants, who may want to spend one or more nights in Copenhagen before and/or after the symposium are kindly requested to inform Per Sørensen about their wishes as soon as possible. Rooms (Single: Danish-kroner 125,00 per day incl. breakfast) app. £1 or $2(Double: Danish kroner 250,00 per day incl. breakfast) will then be booked at HOTEL ALEXANDRA H. C. ANDERSENS BOULEVARD 8 DK 1553 COPENHAGEN K. Tel.= (01) 14.22.00 Hotel Alexandra is actually located at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, which means within walking distance from the National Museum, The Main Central Station. The Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies etc. However, the price mentioned is a Special arrangement price, to be obtained only on booking through the CINA/SIAS, so kindly contact Per Sorensen as soon as possible.