ICAAL 8 Archive

The program and abstracts booklet is available here.

Note: there are minor discrepancies between between the text of the program and abstracts book and the slides/handouts linked below due to changes before and during the metting.

Andrew Hsiu. Lexical borrowing among AA and ST languages in Northeast India and Burma

Angus Wheeler. Terminance in Bru

Bikram Jora. A typology of grammatical, local/directional and instrumental markers in Kherwarian languages

Bornini Lahiri. Contact Induced changes in Koda and Mahali

Chem Vatho. Standard Khmer Vowel System: An Acoustic Study

Ellie Hall. Adverbial subordinate clauses in Muak Sa-aak

Felix Rau. Advances in Munda historical phonology

Gamidalah War. Slangs and Swearwords: A Linguistics study in Pnar

Gregery Anderson & Opino Gomango. Grammatical case and referent indexing in Sora-Juray

Hiram Ring. Toward a comprehensive grammar of War

Irina Samarina. Some remarks on Vietic finals: Poong and Dan Lai languages (Nghe An Province, Vietnam)

Judith Voß. Gutob stop codas

Kim Gfeller. ‘Get’ as a benefactive in Kammu

Kumari Mamta. Numeral System of AA Languages of India

Luke Horo & Priyankoo Sarmah. Acoustic Analysis of Rhythm in Sora

Mathias Jenny. Anaphoric DE in Austroasiatic

Mathias Jenny, Hiram Ring, Wei Wei Lee, Alexandra Herdeg. Advances in AA clause structure

Minh-Chau Nuyen et.al. Glottalization in the tone system of Kim-Thuong Muong: Prototypical Austroasiatic creaky voice?

Paul Sidwell & Felix Rau. The Munda Maritime Hypothesis

Paul Sidwell. Proto-Pearic and the role of vowel height in register formation

R. Vysakh & Anvita Abbi. Morphological Sketch of Luro Published full paper

Rachel Weymuth. Secondary verbs in Rumai (Palaung)

Raksit Lau. Generational Differences in Phonation and Tone In Kuy

Ryan Gehrmann. On the Origin of Rime Laryngealization in Ta’oiq: A Case Study in Vowel Height Conditioned Phonation Contrasts

Takuya Washizawa. Process of Grammaticalization in Vietnamese and its Role in the Formation of the Written Language

Tan Ta. Registrogenesis in Chrau: ongoing change and individual differences

Thomas Huber. Negation in Low Katu

Tobias Weber. Differential argument marking in Austroasiatic: Typology and geography

Toshiki Osada & Masato Kobayashi. Grouping of the three minor Kherwarian Munda languages

Vera Scholvin. Syllabification of French Loans into Vietnamese: An optimality-theoretic account

Wei Wei Lee. Word order and nominalization in Rucing Palaung

Yutaka Tomioka. Language Attitudes towards Kuay and Bru: Case Studies in Surin and Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

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