ICAAL 7 (2017): Kiel

The 7th International Conference on Austro-Asiatic Linguistics, held in Kiel, Germany between September 29 – October 1, 2017 at the Christian Albrechts University (CAU). The local organisation was admirably handled by John Peterson, Tobias Weber, and their student assistants.

Talks presented are listed below in order of their presentation in the program.

Mathias Jenny (Zurich): Mon comparative constructions in diachronic and areal perspective

Tobias Weber (Kiel): Variation in argument coding in Austroasiatic: a look at the diachrony and the geography

Gregory Anderson & Bikram Jora (Living Tongues): Interdependencies of negation, TAM marking and person-indexing in the Munda languages

Jurica Polančec (Zagreb): On the history of Munda prenominal relative clauses

John Peterson (Kiel): The prehistorical spread of Austro-Asiatic in South Asia

Bikram Jora (Living Tongues): Lexical distance between Mundari, Santali and Sadri and the impact of language migration

Judith Voß (Kiel): Work in progress: Verbal Morphology of Gutob

Felix Rau (Cologne): Referring to persons and groups in Gorum conversation

Hiram Ring (NTU, Singapore) & Gregory Anderson (Living Tongues): On the prosody of Khasian languages in relation to Munda

Elizabeth Hall (Payap University): A phonological analysis of Riang Lang

Anastasia Karlsson, Håkan Lundström, Jan-Olof Svantesson (Lund): How lexical tones are sung: genre dependent techniques in Kammu singing

Ryan Gehrmann (Payap University): Katuic Derivational Morphology and Presyllable Vowel Contrasts

Paul Sidwell (ANU, Canberra): Proto Nicobarese phonology, morphology, and syntax

Roger Blench (Cambridge): Waterworld: lexical evidence for aquatic subsistence strategies in Austroasiatic

Sylvia Tufvesson (MPI, Nijmegen): Split syntactic alignment in Semai

Ewelina Wnuk (Radboud University & MPI, Nijmegen): Semantic specificity of verbs in Maniq (Aslian, Thailand)

Piers Vitebsky (Cambridge): The creation, and abandonment, of metaphor in Sora parallel ritual verse

Niclas Burenhult (Lund, MPI, Nijmegen) & Nicole Kruspe (Lund): Towards a theory of Aslian toponymy

Antoinette Schapper (KITLV & Cologne): The linguistic history of smell-kissing in Southeast Asia

Stefanie Siebenhütter (Munich): Is polite polite enough? How conceptual and linguistic awareness influences Kuy-Khmer bilinguals

Vera Scholvin (Berlin) & Judith Meinschaefer (Berlin): Integration of French loanwords into Vietnamese. A corpus-based analysis of tonal, syllabic and segmental aspects

Rachel Weymuth (Zurich): Aspectual prefixes in Palaung Rumai