ICAAL 6 (2015): Siem Reap


Location: New Angkorland Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Jointly organized by The National Language Institute, Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC) & The Center for Khmer Studies (CKS), and Supported by SIL international and Unesco. Local Organisation by Meng Vong.


Wednesday 29 July

9:00-10:00 Opening Ceremony

Welcome Addresses: H.E. Prof. Dr. Chan Somnoble, Vice-President of the Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC)

Dr. Krisna Uk, Executive Director, Center for Khmer Studies (CKS)

Gérard Diffloth: Keynote Presentation

Vicheka Khim: “L’Interactionisme et son application dans le cadre de la recherche linguistique”

Paul Sidwell: “What a phylogenetic analysis tells us about Austroasiatic language history”

Denis Paillard: “A Study of Discourse words Formed on Pit in Khmer”

Mathias Jenny: “Syntactic diversity in Austroasiatic languages”

Badenoch Nathan: “Bit Expressives”

Roger Blench: “Rongic, a now-vanished branch of Austroasiatic”

Deepadung Sujaritlak: “A Lexical Comparison of the Palaung dialects spoken in China, Myanmar, and Thailand”

Thursday 30 July

Andrew Hsiu: “The Angkuic languages: a preliminary survey”

Sylvain Vogel: “Voix du Mondulkiri Historique”

Ryan Gehrmann: “Vowel Height and Register Assignment: Case Studies from the Katuic Languages”

Arun Ghosh: “Phonological evidence and scenarios for the historical development of the Munda Branch”

Gregory Anderson: “Pluractional Marking in Gtaʔ”

Felix Rau: “Phonological evidence and scenarios for the historical development of the Munda branch”

Jean-Michel Filippi: “One defining Standard Khmer”

Chem Vatho: “A New Khmer pronouncing dictionary”

Tobias Weber: “Phonological typology of Austroasiatic languages: an overview”

Sok Makara: “Metaphorical Uses of Face in the Khmer Language”

Keo Linet: “Ethnic Groups in Ancient Cambodia”

Yamzaki Sumiko: “Conflation of Tai-Kadai Lao and Austroasiatic Khmer Spoken in the Northeastern Cambodia”

Friday 31 July

Yuma Ito: “On Personal Pronoun in Mlabri”

Kevin Batch: “Prosodically dependent adjectives in Mlabri”

Shu Nimonjiya: “On Importance of Face-to-Face Relationship among the Mlabri in Northern Thailand: Focusing on Dual Personal Pronoun and Its Usage”

Chhum Sonnang: “Khmer Loanwords in Thai and Thai Loanwords in Khmer: The Coda Simplification”

Garry Davis: “Thai Tones in Old Khmer Loans: The Extended Monosyllables”

Leang Sam Eng: “Taboo Words in Khmer Society”

Tom Hoogervorst: “Lexical borrowing and its lessons on the ‘Indianization’ of Southeast Asia”

Sikder Monoare Murshed: “Khasi Language of Bangladesh: Representative of Austro-Asiatic family”

Nishaant Choksi: “Scripts and Sounds: Grapheme-phoneme correspondence in Santali”

John W. Eppele: “The role of sociolinguistics in nation-building: Advocacy for civil society at the margins”

Horo Luke and Sriyankoo: “Preliminary Investigation into the Assam Sora Dialectology”

BUI Thi Hoang Anh: “On the semantics of verbs as particles: the case of đi in Vietnamese”

Rajasingh V.R: “Directional affixes in Muöt”

Van Vy: “A Study of Village Naming in Cambodia”

Business Meeting and Announcement of ICAAL7

Closing Remarks by Academician Khlot Thyda