ICAAL 5 (2013): Canberra

The 5th ICAAL was organized in coordination with the 19th Himalayan Languages Symposium. The main organizer was Paul Sidwell. Some financial support was gratefully provided by the School of Pacific and Asian Studies at ANU.


The following talks were programmed:

Keren Baker, General phonological features and word patterning in Lyngngam

Kevin Bätscher, Patterns of connected speech in Mlabri

Anne Daladier, What Pnaric, War and Lyngngam different systems of negative particles tell us about AA typology and AA classification ?

Gerard Diffloth, Pearic register histories

Michel Ferlus, Arem, a Vietic language

Arun Ghosh, Voicing Agreement in word-medial consonant cluster in Munda and Khasi

Elizabeth Hall, Sound changes based on language contact in Muak Sa-aak

Mathias Jenny, Transitive directionals in Mon – form and function

Kieu Van Le Thi, Exploring culture through key words from cognitive perspective: A Vietnamese case study

Ly Toan Thang and Le Kieu Van, Is there the relationship between genetic and cognitive features in languages of the Southeast Asia?

Mayuree Thawornpat, A community strategy for language development: The Lavua of Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand

J. Mayuri, K.V. Subbarao, Uma Mahashwar Rao and Martin Evaraert, Some syntactic aspects of Lexical Anaphors in Select Munda Languages

Vong Meng, The Infix [-ɔmn-] in Khmer

Sikder Monoare Murshed and Rokshana Hossain, Santali Scripts: Selection and debate in Bangladesh

K.S. Nagaraja (Plenary talk), Korku-Khasi, a typological study

Madhusmita Pattanaik, Language acquisition and convergence in Gutob (Gadab), an Austroasiatic language.

V.R. Rajasingh, Interrogation in Muöt

Felix Rau (Plenary talk), Approaching the family from the South-West

Hiram Ring, The Pnar verbal complex

Rujiwan Laophairoj, Conceptual metaphors of Vietnamese taste terms

Stephen Self, Another look at Serial Verb Constructions in Khmer

Paul Sidwell, Proto-Khmuic: reconstruction and subgrouping

Siripen Ungsitipoonporn, The impact of Nyahkur revitalization

K.V. Subbarao, J. Mayuri, Uma Mahashwar Rao and Martin Evaraert, Relative Clauses in Munda languages with special reference to the Comitative PP as Head

Sujaritlak Deepadung, Ampika Rattanapitak and Supakit Buakaw, Grammar sketch: Dara-ang Palaung

Supakit Buakaw, A phonological sketch of Katiang

Indresh Thakur, Pronominalization in Santhali