ICAAL 2 (1978): Mysore

In December 1978 scholars gathered in Mysore for the Second International Conference on Austroasiatic Linguistics (SICAL). This was a landmark event in Austroasiatic studies that saw discussions on fundamental ideas that laid the ground work for subsequent research into the Austroasiatic phylum. Congratulations are due to the organizers and participants.

Following the model of the Austroasiatic Studies volumes published in 1976 (after the 1st ICAAL, Hawaii 1973), Gérard Diffloth and David Stampe took responsibility for editing the proceedings volume. Half the papers typeset and ready and the others in a high degree of readiness, but for reasons that remain unclear, in 1983 the editors abandoned the project. Readers familiar with Huffman’s 1986 Bibliography and index of mainland Southeast Asian languages and linguistics will have noted the papers cited as SICAL ms.

Subsequently, some of the papers (some substantially revised) were published in journals or as book chapters. Below we list the known participants and links to papers/handouts that were presented/circulated. There are some discrepancies between the list provided by Michel Ferlus (who had attended SICAL) and a photocopied list we obtained via Anthony Grant (many thanks). Those lists have been aggregated, and we are keen for any information providing correction or additions; we are happy to post any additional SICAL related materials you might want to send in. A few papers have not yet been found, and several we have are still to be linked.

  1. Benjamin, Geoffrey Self and Other in Temiar Grammar
  2. Benjamin, Geoffrey Temiar terms of relationship and address (published as Temiar Kinship Terminology)
  3. Bouez, Marine Narrativity and event in a Santal folk-tale
  4. Diffloth, Gerard Proto East Austroasiatic short central vowels
  5. Diffloth, Gerard Ideological functions of Temiar oral literature
  6. Donegan, Patricia Austroasiatic vowel systems
  7. Dournes, Jacques Austroasiatic versus Austronesian
  8. Ferlus, Michel Evolution des obstruents mediales en vietnamien
  9. Henderson, Eugenie J. A. Problems and Pitfalls in the Phonetic Interpretation of Khasi Orthography
  10. Hercus, Louise (sur les aborigenes australiens)
  11. Hook, Peter Edwin The Compound Verb in Munda: an areal and typological overview
  12. Huffman, Franklin E. Synchronic Evidence for the History of Khmer Vowels
  13. Huffman, Franklin E. On the Centrality of the Katuic-Bahnaric to Austroasitic
  14. Janzen, Herman A Phonological Description of Pale in Comparison with Gold Palaung and Rumai Palaung
  15. Krishnamurti, Bh, Lincoln Moses, and Denglas Danforth A new approach to linguistic subgrouping
  16. Mahapatra, B. P. Munda Languages in Census
  17. Mahapatra, Khageswar Soraŋ Sompeŋ’: a Sora Script
  18. Mahapatra, Ranganayaki & B. P. Mahapatra Santali Script and Texts
  19. Mahapatra, K. & Norman Zide Gta nominal combining forms
  20. Mahapatra, Khageswar & Norman Zide The Gta? Demonstratives
  21. Manoharan, S. A Typological Study of Andamanese and Nicobarese Languages
  22. Matisoff, James Linguistic diversity and language contact in Thailand (published 1983)
  23. Matisoff, James Stars, moon and spirits: bright beings of the night in Sino-Tibetan
  24. Mitani, Yasuyuki Problems in the Classification of Palaungic
  25. Munda, Ram Dayal The Cultural Context of Mundari Poetry with Reference to Tribal Oral History.
  26. Nagaraja, K. S. Compounding in Khasi
  27. Nik Safiah , Karim & Ibrahim Ton Binti Semoq Beri – some preliminary Remarks
  28. Radhakrishnan, R. On central Nicobarese
  29. Radhakrishnan, R. Nancowry Numerals
  30. Radhakrishnan, R. Basic vocabulary in 7 Nicobarese languages
  31. Shorto, H. L. On Mon-Khmer Inter-Branch Relationships
  32. Simon, Ivan Khasi Adverbs
  33. Simon, Ivan Auxiliary Verbs and Two Verb-Pieces in Khasi
  34. Sinha, N. K. Aspect in Mundari: Some Semantic and Grammatical Observations
  35. Smith, Ken The Payoff from Rhyming Dictionaries: Distribution and Frequency of Word-final – VCs and a Bridge between Bahnaric and Katuic
  36. Smith, Ken An Automatic Typewriter Assist to Comparative Linguistics with Application to 30 Mon-Khmer Languages
  37. Stampe, David Kharia-juang phonology
  38. Stampe, David The Austroasiatic Word
  39. Starosta, Stanley Sora Noun Inflection Bib-Ref
  40. SUJARITLAK Wajanarat Classifiers in Mal (Thin)
  41. Thomas, David The place of Alak, Tampuan, and West Bahnaric
  42. Thomas, David Conditional Sentences in Chrau
  43. Vitebsky, Piers Sora “Tag-Words”
  44. Vitebsky, Piers Birth, entity and responsibility: the spirit of the sun in Sora cosmology
  45. Weidert, Alfons The Register System of Northwestern Khasi
  46. Zide, Arlene S-Loss in Sora-Gorum