ICAAL 11 Slideshows & Handouts

Munda languages panel

Gregory D. S. Anderson, Luke Horo:
Towards a typology of focus in Munda languages

Bikram Jora:
The semantics and morphology of applicatives and valence-related phenomena in Mundari

Zoya Khalid:
Connectives in Asur: A North Munda Language

meghalaya languages panel

Gamidalah War:
Copular in Pnar

Gordon D. Dkhar:
Tamabil: Exploring the Socio-Cultural and Linguistic Dynamics of the Khasis

Uma Pappuswamy, Sujoy Sarkar, Aleendra Brahma, S.Sulochana Singha, Gamidalah War, Vidyarati Joshi And Debika D. Sangma:
Unveiling Lyngngam Phonology within the Mon-Khmer Context

Vietnamese Linguistics panel #1

Mayumi Adachi:
The function of thế in Vietnamese conversation

Wenjiu Du:
Motion serialization in Vietnamese: A verbal semantic typology

Nguyen Ngoc Binh:
Socio Cultural Perspectives in Vietnamese Rice Expressions

Vietnamese Linguistics panel #2

Bui Duy Duong:
A linguistic heritage in the 17th century

Dinh Kieu Chau:
Language and Social Marketing in Vietnam (The case study of content marketing for Hoa Lo Prison Relic)

Do Hong Duong:
Effectiveness and limitations of measures supporting the development of the Vietnamese language as a heritage language in Japan and South Korea

Quỳnh-Giang Đặng, Hsu-Te Cheng:
On Tự in Vietnamese: A Quantifier Floating Analysis

Phonology Panel

Ryan Gehrmann:
The Historical Phonology of Mang, an Endangered Austroasiatic Language of China and Vietnam

Albert Badosa Roldós:
The phonology of Malieng, a Vietic language of Vietnam, in a panchronic perspective

Vatho Chem:
Phonetic reduction of Central Khmer

Austroasiatic Deep History Panel

Mark Alves:
Loanwords in Shorto’s Austroasiatic Reconstructions

Roger Blench:
Reconstructing the culture of Proto-Austroasiatic speakers

Paul Sidwell:
How to reconstruct the Proto-Austroasiatic Vowels

Nathaniel Hiroz:
Proto-Khmuic phonation contrasts and beyond: the return of “Proto-Austroasiatic creaky voice”

Palaungic Panel

Mathias Jenny et al.:
Grammatical tones in Htanaw

Nathan Badenoch:
Elevation, distance, and expressivity in Bit spatial deixis

Rachel Weymuth:
Negation in Rumai, Palaung

Mixed Panel

Irina Samarina:
Syntactic “Splitting” and Syntactic “Interlacings” in Isolating Languages of the Southeast Asia

Robertus Pujo Leksono, Thanattha Jantem, Trinh Hai Van:
A Comparative Analysis of Plant Idioms in Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian Languages

Phương Nguyễn Hoàng:
Applying Interactive Perspectives into Teaching Vietnamese Listening Comprehension to Foreigners