ICAAL 1 (1973): Honolulu

From the INTRODUCTION to Austroasiatic Studies (Jenner at al. eds. 1976) by Laurence Thompson:

During the first week of January 1973 scholars from all over the world met in Honolulu for the first International Conference on Austroasiatic Linguistics under the sponsorship of the Pacific and Asian Linguistics Institute of the University of Hawaii. About half of the papers presented were circulated in advance in draft form, making possible consideration of extensive detailed material and a number of broad general topics. The present publication makes available the revised versions of the conference communications, including formal interventions submitted in writing.

This gathering drew on a tradition established by two earlier conferences of broader scope, held at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in 1961 and 1965, where problems of other language families of the area were treated as well. (Papers presented at those meetings appeared in Linguistic Comparison in South East Asia and the Pacific, ed. by H. L. Shorto, London, 1963; and Indo Pacific Linguistic Studies, ed. by G. B. Milner and E. J. A. Henderson, [Lingua vols. 14 and 15] 1965.) The need for a congress centering on Austroasiatic languages was urged by Norman Zide, and the way was prepared by an organizing committee at the University of Hawaii and a program committee representing several institutions, functioning through correspondence. We are especially indebted to Professor Lawrence Reid of the University of Hawaii, who took much time from his own research in Austronesian linguistics to handle the administrative details that made this conference possible. His arrangements assured not only smooth operation of the sessions, but excellent opportunities for informal gatherings, as well as the appropriate sense of Hawaiian hospitality the Honolulu hosts wanted to extend to their guests.


We must all be especially grateful to Philip Jenner, who has cheerfully and efficiently assumed the main burden of shepherding this volume including the largest part of correspondence authors, liaison with the Press, establishment details of format, and a disproportionate share the work of preparing copy for the final typing. Throughout the preparation we much appreciate offices and cooperation of the University Press Hawaii. Finally, we thank Miss Evangeline Dunbar for invaluable assistance to the editors through meticulous proofreading during production, and Ms. Freda Hellinger, for the Social Sciences and Linguistics Institute, who lent her fine expertise to the project in the last stages, taking on the responsibility for final corrections, assembling the volume, and getting it to the Press with dispatch.

The papers published in the 2 proceedings volumes are listed below. PDFs of the papers can be downloaded here or by clicking on the links below.

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